Luxor & Aswan is a differnt Cities on Upper Egypt , the Famous cities as the popluler places for Trips as
Luxor have One-third of the world's monuments as it contains the largest open museum, Karnak and Luxor temples, which connects them with the Rams Road. It also contains the Valley of the Kings, which contains the royal tombs of kings such as Tutankhamun and Ramses II and other great kings. There is also in Luxor Habu Temple, which is considered one of the largest temples in the world. As well as the temple of Deir el-Bahari, which belongs to Queen Hatshepsut.

As for Aswan, it has the best natural scenery, where there is the Nuba region, as well as the temples of Philae, the Island of Plants, the incomplete obelisk, and the High Dam. There is also near Aswan and a three-hour drive away, a temple of one of the most important temples in Egypt, which is the Temple of Abu Simbel of King Ramses II and next to it Temple of his beloved King Nefertari

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